Love Wreckers: Ephesians 3:14-19

Sep 24, 2023    Geordie Ziegler, Sharon Ziegler

This Sunday we have the privilege of welcoming Geordie and Sharon Ziegler to share a teaching from Ephesians.

Sharon’s passion is to come alongside others as they discover the deeper life of their belovedness in Christ. She is especially drawn to walking with women who so often find themselves caught in discouraging cycles of fatigue, anxiety, and shame.

Geordie desires to bring the riches of the Grace of the Father, Son, and Spirit into the hearts, minds, hands, and feet of missionaries, church leaders, and others who are in the trenches of ministry at home or abroad. He is convinced that the Life and Love of the Trinity is not just an abstract idea for theologians and mystics to ponder, but the heart and soul of the Christian life.

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