what we believe

do justice.
 love mercy.
 walk humbly with God.

New Song Community Church is a Christ-focused faith community; our hope centered within the divine life of Christ.

We aspire to be a safe place for spiritual refugees recognizing that we are all on a journey of becoming.

We see the co-opting of Christianity from the larger American culture and work to practice and promote a Christ-like way from the margins.

We are grieved by the many injustices present in the world today, especially those perpetuated in the name of Jesus.

We believe that the future of the church is humble, vulnerable, justice-oriented, and looks like Christ in practice and word.
We value unity over uniformity and we welcome anyone to participate in every aspect of church life 
regardless of whether or not we agree on every aspect of doctrine.

We are a progressive community of Christ followers who are committed to including and welcoming the full participation 
of our LGBTQ+ loved ones.

Pastor Kelsey's Statement

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