"You will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere..."

Acts 1:8

Missionary work is, quite simply, the work of telling people about Jesus and His great love for the entire world. These were His parting words to His followers. Wherever His followers go, they are to tell everyone about Jesus. Locally, we are partnered with organizations like Young Life, Wenatchee Youth Community, The Lighthouse, and Serve Wenatchee Valley to show the love of Christ to our community. We also house and stock the East Wenatchee Food Pantry in our building. New Song is also partnered with some global ministries, as well. Today the followers of Jesus are, literally, everywhere because of technology. Our church has done it's best to leverage this gift to continue to tell people about Jesus. Pictured below you will see a few of our partners. However, because of the internet, we have developed partners in Myanmar, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, too. We are honored to be connected with such wonderful servants of God here and around the world!
New Song Community School
Rejerla, Telangana, India
Iglesia La Gran Comision
Lomas del Paraiso, Baja California
New Song Centers for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
Baja California