Our Story

"He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God..."

How it all started...

In the waning months of 1988, some refugees from a couple of churches in the Wenatchee Valley partnered together with the resolve that the church could do better in welcoming and showing the love of Christ toward unchurched people. So, with a new song in our hearts and a passion to reach irreligious people with the Gospel, we endeavored to love our world with the love of Jesus. Our music was contemporary, our atmosphere was relaxed, and our motto was, "You matter to God...You Matter to Us." We continue to be passionate about this reality today in all of our relationships.

Not long after we began, God gave us the privilege of establishing ministries across our southern border in Baja California. Today we have been blessed to add ministries to children and Christian leaders in India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Pakistan (see our missions page for more info!). 

Church of the Great Commission. Ensenada, MX